Bully addFlag

Request Description

Change the flag on a bully incident.

Request Information

Response Format:JSON
Requires Authentication:Yes
Cache Duration:N/A


idID of the instance
flagText description of the flag. Recommended values are: Reported, Investigating or Resolved - although any value can be used.
textnarrative to go with the flag to explain why the change. For example, if the flag is set to Resolved some narrative on how the issue was resolved. This text is added to the scratch pad under the subject Bully.
staff_idpPerson ID of the memebr of staff who has put in the flag change

Example Request

$a = $api->sendRequest(
    'controller'    => 'Bully',  
    'action'        => 'addFlag',
    'id'            => 10,
    'flag'          => 'Investigating',
    'text'          => 'being looked into by FGi',
    'staff_id'      => 1087

Example Result

    [result] => Success