Documentation API usage and examples


API provides programattic access to read data stored within various different data sets. Responses are available via JSON and require user authentication.


Feedback is always appreciated, weather it is feature requests, suggestions or reporting of bugs found. Please e-mail all feedback to helpdesk@nationalce-ac.org.uk.

Latest updates

Current Version: 0.8
As of version 0.8 the following changes have been made:


By default the majority of APIs are cached for speed and convenience. For example, attendance data is cached up to and including the previous day. Caching can be disabled per API request via the NOCACHE operative.


Each API request has to be done in conjunction with a valid API ID and KEY pair, as well as a user ID and Token before an API request is executed. In order to get an API ID and KEY, you will need to get in touch and request a pair.